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atool just hangs with `xargs zip -r test.csv` on Mac?

First off, I couldn’t seem to find why the -- two dashes to xargs, but here’s what I’m getting:

$   atool -E -a --format=zip words.csv xargs -- zip -r words.csv [...hangs...] 

The docs are at, and -E explains the command, so it looks like it’s just trying to invoke the zip command. Why isn’t it working though? I just installed with brew install atool:

==> Pouring atool--0.39.0.arm64_sonoma.bottle.2.tar.gz 

How do I get this working? I would like to try all of the archive options for atool, not just zip, otherwise I would just use the zip command. atool looks great as a generic archiving tool, but it’s not working for me yet. I tried reordering the options, and my words.csv is just a quick list of words in a csv.

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