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WP appending -2 to the end of my slug

I would like to create a page on wordpress with this URL:

However, it seems that the slug /landing-page/ has already been created in the past because it does not return a "404 Page not found" error but redirects to the home page:

When I try to create a page with the following Url: wordpress generates a new page with a -2 at the end of the slug.

( Next Url:

This is something I absolutely want to avoid.

I’ve searched all my pages, articles and media to see if an element links to but I’ve found absolutely nothing. I don’t have any pages in the trash. I didn’t have a category with the same name as my page.

I purged the cache in the LiteSpeed cache plugin and that didn’t work.

However, I’ve just noticed something strange:

I’ve tried to create a post (and not a page as previously tried) and wordpress generates the url I want:

However, when I click on "Edit with oxygen" to edit the page, it sends me to the oxygen editing interface on the site’s home page:

I’ve modified the page to check which URL the interface modifies and it’s the home page it’s modifying:

Can you help me find a solution?

Thank you!

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