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What is the protocol for visa overstay at Zurich airport and will I get the judgement

A tour company prepared our visa papers for a trip of 7 days to Prague and Berlin and applied for Schengen visa We got visa and sent copies to the tour company and they okayed everything.

While returning, at Zurich, the immigration officer said that we had visa for only 6 days and that we had overstayed for a day. Police took us to another room and told that it was a crime. We were very very scared We tried to explain to them that it wasn’t our mistake… we had submitted 7 day bookings to visa office. It was an error.

  1. They asked us sign a paper in which it was written in multiple languages that we are being informed that a legal proceeding has been started against us.
  2. They also gave us another paper and asked us to write why we overstayed and took our signatures. The paper contained some printed matter… but I was so scared I didn’t read anything.
  3. I think they made copies of our passports
  4. I asked them what’s going to happen.. they said a judge will come and fine us 350 Swiss francs each.
  5. They said unless we sign they will not allow us to board plane. It was only 20 minutes left for boarding.
  6. Finally we signed.
  7. Suddenly the police man said you can go. Later you’ll have to pay.
  8. We boarded the plane.

My question is whether this the normal protocol ? When and how will they take fine from us ? Will my husband face difficulty for visa for his future European medical conferences?

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