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USB bitlocker recovery key not working & Bitlocker doesn't detect USB key

I have Bitlocker recovery keys saved to my USB drive. They unlock my SSD.

I know these are the correct keys, because the Identifier in the recovery key text file on the USB matches the Identifier that pops up in Bitlocker when I try to open my SSD:

enter image description here

enter image description here

But when I copy/paste the keys, it tells me the recovery key is incorrect.

When I click "Load keys from USB drive", it tells me a valid USB key wasn’t detected…even though I literally have the USB open in a separate window with the files!

I tried following these steps to deactivate any USB partitions that aren’t in use, but command prompt tells me "The disk is not a fixed MBR disk. The INACTIVE command can only be used on fixed MBR disks."

What else can I do to make this recovery key work?

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