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ASP.NET Core configuration system: Isn't the default configuration prone to naming conflicts in environment variables?

I’m trying to wrap my head around the ASP.NET Core Configuration system.

If I understand the default configuration correctly, non-prefixed environment variables will override appsettings.json entries.

For example, if

  1. I have an appSettings.json file like this

    {   "SmtpServer": "" } 
  2. and some other, completely unrelated application running on the same server happens to (globally) set an environment variable called SmtpServer to

that environment variable will override my application configuration.

Now, obviously, I could work around this by (1) prefixing all my settings with the name of my app (which will create a lot of noise in my appsettings.json) or (2) use my own WebApplicationBuilder (2a) to override to default priority order or (2b) to only include environment variables with a specific prefix or (3) blame the other application for setting a global environment variable with such a generic name.

Still, the ASP.NET Core designers are smart people, and if they implement default values, they usually have a very good reason for doing so.

What am I missing? Did I find a flaw in the ASP.NET Core Configuration system default configuration [sic, no pun intended], or is this, for some reason, not a problem in real-life systems? If the latter, what is that reason?

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